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There are four (4) fields, on our SL home page where part numbers can be entered and inquired upon. When entering part numbers, DO NOT user dashes or slashes. Also, DO NOT use a mfg code in front of the part number. (ex: CL342957 or HY169247). Enter numbers without these 2 digit or longer codes. Once your item(s) has been entered then click on the parts search button to display the results.

Our search engine is setup to search for the actual part number and display the results, which will show the mfg for the part number(s) entered. In the event there are two (2) different OEMS using the same part number, the user would select which MFG they are searching for. If unsure which MFG to choose, then refer to the description of the part.

Note, the results page will show the listing dealer(s) and phone number. For additional information on the listing dealer, click on the + sign to the left of the name. If no matches are found on your inquiry search, you can opt to post a wildcard message. This popular feature has helped many dealers locate parts that are not listed with SL.

The SL Salvage Center (SC) is yet another feature that could be helpful in sourcing parts. It is a listing of over 3000 used lift trucks being parted out by our user customers. Many dealers have bought and sold good used parts, through the SC.

To locate a used part, go to the SC feature and search for the make of the lift truck your needed part goes on. Then scan the listing for your model. If found then click on the model to display the name of the dealer and there may be more than one listing this particular make and model. If found, then contact the listing dealer(s) and discuss your used part requirement. Ask questions such as the condition of the part, when can it be shipped and of course the price. Note that once the lift truck make and model has been listed, we do not keep up with what parts are still available for ‘that’ truck. However, a quick phone call and discussion with the listing dealer will provide this information.


When doing a parts search and/or listing parts, keep in mind that a user can list a new part but can also list a rebuilt or used part or even a core, all with the same OEM part number….but with different ending letter(s). For instance if Yale # 8888888 was a new pump, it would be entered with this regular number, as shown. However, if available, the pump could also be listed as rebuilt or a good used or a rebuildable core. This could be done by including a U (used) a RB (rebuilt) or a C (core) after the part number.

Note that when doing a parts inquiry, our search engine will automatically display a used or rebuilt or core of the number(s) entered, if available, in our master file.

There are two ways to list parts. One is manually from our Parts Listing Maintenance link, found on our home page. The other way is to send us a data file of your dead, obsolete or slow moving parts. Excel files are generally the type dealers opt to send. However, we are flexible and can accept other file types as well. Contact us for additional information.

When listing a part number you want to display as a Lead-Time quantity, enter zero in the quantity field. The program sees this zero amount and displays the L-T indicator. When entering an exact dollar and cent price, do not enter the $ sign.

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