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This RFQ (request for quote) feature is designed to help our dealer customers quote parts inquiries, received from their end-user customers. Note: SourceLines market area is to the lift truck dealers. We do not solicit nor encourage end-user business.


We (SL) provide an online program the dealer can make available to their end-user customers via an URL hot link. The end-user can quickly select a MFG, enter a part number(s) and submit the RFQ to their Lift Truck dealer ( our SL customer). The email is sent to a designated parts person at the dealership, who is trained to received and process these email inquiries, in an efficient and timely manner. The finished quote is emailed back to the end-user customer…..or the dealer contact person can call the end-user and discuss the quote.

When the end-user enters part numbers to be quoted and submits the email to the dealer, the program first checks our SL online master data file to see if one or more item is listed with SourceLine. The email quote to the dealer will show these SL part number(s), which makes it easier for the dealer parts contact person to process the end-user RFQ by already knowing the SL listing status of the submitted items.


Dealers will receive an email RFQ inquiry showing the end-users part number(s) request and contact information. It will also show part numbers that are listed with SourceLine. The end-user will receive a similar report showing their submitted part numbers and also contact information. Note: The end-user will not see information showing that SL is listing a certain part number(s).


Dealers will have access to their end-user customer(s) RFQ parts inquiry history for their dealership. The data can be downloaded to an excel file and then purged. Once downloaded, the dealer will have valuable data that can be used. Ex: The dealer will be able to suggest certain parts numbers with repeated sales history as items to be stocked by the end-user. The main benefit is for the dealer to be able to see a parts inquiry history for their end-user customer(s).


Dealers will have access to a management console feature where they can post their contact information, including name, phone numbers and email addresses. Plus, this is where users have access to activity reports as well as being able to customize their main RFQ page.

Dealers will be able to post a Mission Statement on the RFQ home page (Ex: We work hard to earn your business! Also, in this same display area, the dealer can opt to post a parts special (daily, weekly or monthly, etc). And, post holiday wishes or closing hours.


Dealers receiving RFQ emails from their end-user customers will decide the best method, for their parts department, to quote RFQ inquiries. They may simply call the end-user with a verbal quote or use their own in-house quote form to be emailed back....or, they can reply with a quote on the same RFQ email received. This is an easy process that should work well, for most dealers.

When replying with a quote, provide a brief acknowledgement of receiving the RFQ email and cover any details pertaining to the items to be quoted.

The dealer can opt to show the availability of each item to the right of the price as shown in the example below. Note: First two part numbers is how original email looks and the next group shows how to modify and add price and availability in the reply email.

MFGNumberDescription QuantityQuote
CLARK112807King Pin2see SL PartsNet
MFGNumberDescription QuantityQuote
HYSTER169244W PUMP1Not Found

Note: When shown, highlight "see SL PartsNet" and/or "Not Found" and type over with price as indicated below.

MFGNumberDescription QuantityQuote
CLARK112807King Pin2$16.00 in stock
MFGNumberDescription QuantityQuote
HYSTER169244W PUMP1$105.00 5 day ground


This RFQ feature will be included at no additional monthly charge, as part of our regular online service. It will enable users to send and receive parts quote(s) from their end-user fleet owners. This feature will also be available to dealers who want to link this RFQ inquiry feature to their own website.

Having our SL RFQ link on a companys website covers all end-user vistors. Plus, each branch will still be able to provide direct personal RFQ service to one or more selected branch customer(s). This will be a great parts department sales tool.



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