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The e-classified feature is primarily where our user customers can post items they want to sell. However, users can also post items they want to locate/buy.

There are seven (7) catergories in the e-classified section that users can post under. They are: Parts, Battery Chargers, Dismantle, Tires, Used Forklifts, Cores and Attachments. To post a classified listing, goto the e-classified section on lower right side of our home page and select POST and from the drop down arrow, select a catertory for your e-classified ad. Then, add a brief title for the posting, and select a MFG of the posted item from the drop down arrow, just below. Then, enter a description in the text box, of the item posted and click on POST to add your posting to the e-classified master listing.

Once posted, you will see your ad and also see where you can add a photo and we encourage adding photos. Just click on the square and follow the instructions to add a photo. Once posted and you see the photo, notice that it will say click to delete. Use this option if you uploaded the wrong photo or prefer a different image. Once posted, click on VIEW to return to the main e-classified page and click on your catergory to view your posting. Note: To do maintenance on your ad, click on MY ADS. This is where you can edit or delete your ad.

Note: If you post a used lift truck under the Dismantle catergory, the listing will also be added to our Salvage Center listing. The e-classified listing will remain for seven (7) days, before it is deleted. However the SC posting will remain until it is deleted by the dealer posting the item.

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