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The SL cross-reference program can be accessed from our home page. The link is found on the menu bar under the Parts header. Clicking on cross-reference takes users direct to the cross-reference program. This same access can also be found on the Inventory Control page by clicking on Go To.

INQUIRY FEATURE: There is a search box at the top of the X-Ref page. When a part number that is being searched on, is found, a search box showing all known cross-references, is displayed. The user can Delete a record or Add a new cross-reference to this group…or create a new cross-reference group by clicking New.

Note: When a user first accesses the X-Ref program, there will be a large display box shown on the left side of the page. This box has all SL cross-reference numbers shown. This is indicated by showing SL in the Owners column. When a user(s) adds an cross-reference number, their four (4) digit SL code number is shown in the Owners column. User can sort this column to see their added records.

When a user wants to add a cross-reference record, they must first determine if they want to setup a new group (groups must have at least two cross-reference numbers) or add a part number and MFG to an existing group. Once determined, they will either add a number to existing group or create a new group.

Note: There are three buttons showing. Delete, New, Add: The Add button enables users to add a new part number to an existing group. The New button is used to start a new group of cross-reference records, which is done by adding the first new record.

Note: If a user(s) accesses the X-Ref program from the I/C page, there will be part numbers displayed in a box on the left of the x-ref page. These part numbers may be numbers a user might want to include in a cross-reference, or not. This box will also display.

The Add button is used to add another part number to an existing group or to a newly created group. The delete button can be used to delete a previously entered number that is found to be incorrect and/or needs to be corrected and re-entered. This also applies to MFGs. If entered in error, the record has to be deleted and re-entered. Note: Records cannot be deleted if listed under SL.

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