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Our Attachment Center (AC) is similar to our Salvage Center (SC), from the stand point of listing used assemblies for the purpose of selling dismantled used parts.

To enter your used attachments, go to the Attachment Center menu selection on our home page and select: Add Used Attachments. This brings up the new entry page, where users can add their used attachments. Begin by clicking on the drop down arrow to display familiar attachment MFGs of our industry, such as Cascade or Long Reach or Brudi, etc. Then enter the model and serial number. Then click on the next drop down arrow to display type of attachment, such as side shifter or paper roll clamp, etc. And, choose the type for your listing. Then enter the part number(s) of the attachment cylinder(s), found on this used unit. And last, enter additional information of the attachment, such as condition or a known part already sold, etc. Once this has been done then click on Add Attachment, which is shown on the bottom of the page. This clears all fields and is now ready to enter another attachment by clicking on Add Attachment...and the process starts over until all of your attachments are listed, in this session. Note: The bottom right of the page will now show a Send to Data Base button. If all attachements are now entered then click on the button to send and once done, you will be returned to your attachment listing page, where you will see all of your listed attachment.

Note: This is where you can now add a photo of your newly listed attachment(s). Just click on the + sign in the column under PIC and then click on browse and find your image and place your cursor on the pic and click Upload. Once done, you will see each of your attachments and images shown.

Note: To edit or delete an attachment listing, just click on My Attachment Listing from the Attachment Center menu, on the home page.

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